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This is a gallery of quilts made by the needlers of Needle In Peace. It’s not all of them, but a good representation of most.

You can view either view them by quilt type or by needler.

Should you decide to view them by quilt type here is a brief description of the types.


Historical Reproduction - Many of the quilts we have made use historical reproduction fabric. That is, 100% cotton fabric that is modelled after fabrics from specific periods in American history. Those periods are (loosely speaking) pre-Civil War and Civil War, pre-1900, and 1930’s. We have also made an attempt to use block patterns which were popular during the appropriate period.      
Crazy Quilts - This particular style of quilt was made popular during the Victorian era and makes use of small pieces of elegant fabrics and embellishments. Most of these fabrics are silks, brocades, satins, velvets and wools. They are embellished with fine embroidery using silk ribbon, laces, beads, buttons, charms, and appliques. Historically these artistic quilts were used as bed coverings but are now more likely to be used as decoration.    
Contemporary Quilts - May use traditional quilting block patterns with modern fabrics or may use patterns which are completely unique. Some of our quilts use the same block pattern with different fabrics, colors or block settings; see if you can pick them out and find the differences.      
Art Quilts - Quilts designed with art and display in mind more than use as a bed covering or warmth. However, this tactile art form can definitely warm up a home.      


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