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I guess I started sewing as soon as my mother would allow me on her machine. When it wasn’t working I did everything by hand. Badly! But I did it by hand. I have learned sewing from a number of people. My mother, of course, was my first influence. None of my other relatives did crafty things. I did a lot of sewing in highschool for the drama club with my home ec teacher. College prevented me from much doing much sewing. I got back into it when I got married and needed to do mending on items that needed more than just my poor handwork.

I am a self-taught quilter. I was big into garment sewing after a friend talked me into joining the American Sewing Guild. I had the normal frustrations with fit. My first love has always been quilting.
I love it for lots of reasons, none more than any other. I don’t have to worry about the bumps and lumps of the human body. A bed, table or wall is easier to fit! I don’t have to worry about what colors look good on me; I can play with any colors my heart desires!

I don’t draw, paint or sculpt, but I can make art with fabric. I love all of the steps of quilting: fondling fabric in a store; hunting for the right color combinations and the right pattern to show them off or vice versa; cutting the pieces to sew; sewing and pressing; deciding what would be the best way to quilt the top; the act of quilting and finally stepping back and saying “Wow!!! I did that!?!”

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